Eric de Araujo


Curriculum Vitae


  • Lead Instructional Designer, 2022–Present
    Purdue University
    West Lafayette, IN

  • Senior Instructinoal Designer, 2022–23

  • Lecturer, 2021—Present
    Department of Philosophy
    Purdue University

  • Instructional Designer, 2020—21
    Purdue University

Areas of Specialization

  • Metaphysics
  • Philosophical Logic

Areas of Competence

  • Philosophy of Religion

  • Professional Ethics



  • Quantitative Research and Inquiry Methodology (in progress)
    Indiana University
  • Data Scientist with Python (in progress)
  • Agile Project Management Certificate
    College of Engineering, Purdue University
  • Entry Level Programing in Python
    College of Engineering, Purdue University



In Progress

  • In this article I argue that if Indeterminate Identity solves Thesus' Ship, then any changes in parts is enough for an indeterminate identity.

  • In this article I argue that temporary and contingent identity relations are transitive relations, despite proposed counterexamples.



  • 2023. "The Introduction to Philosophy Essay At Scale" Pacific Division Meeting, American Philosophical Association.

  • 2022. "Building and Delivering an Online Course: Student, Faculty, Course Developer Perspectives." Fort Wayne Teaching and Learning Conference, with Shannon Bischoff, Nathan Jarboe, and Alyssa Sherman.

  • 2021. “Pluralisms from Possibilities.” Eastern APA.




  • Lecturer
    Purdue University, 2021–Present:
    • The Big Questions: Introduction to Philosophy
  • Graduate Teaching Associate, 2016–19
    The Ohio State University
    Sole Instructor For:
    • Introduction to Philosophy

    • Philosophy of Religion

    • Introduction to Logic

    • Introduction to Logic (Online)

    • Engineering Ethics

  • Graduate Teaching Associate, 2014–16
    The Ohio State University
    Recitations & Grading For:
    • Asian Philosophies

    • Philosophical Problems in the Arts

    • Philosophy of Religion

    • Symbolic Logic

  • Graduate Teaching Assistant, 2011–13
    Virginia Tech
    Recitations & Grading For:

    • Knowledge & Reality

    • Ethics & Morality

    • Logic & Critical Thinking

Invited Lectures

  • On Rawls’ A Theory of Justice, Nov. 2019
    Contemporary Moral Problems
    Otterbein University
    Westerville, OH

  • Co-taught topics in Ethics & Philosophy of Religion, Spring 2019
    Theory of Knowledge (International Baccalaureate)
    Columbus Alternative High School
    Columbus, OH

Coursework in Education

  • Teaching Philosophy

  • Course Design in Higher Education

  • College Teaching

  • Teaching Adults Online

Faculty Mentorship

  • Preparing Future Faculty, Autumn 2019
    The Graduate School, Ohio State
    Mentor: Stephanie Patridge
    Chair and Professor of Philosophy
    Otterbein University





  • Commentary on Juan Garcia’s “Reid on Character, Power and Possibility,” Ohio State, Mini Conference: Free Will in Early Modern Philosophy, April 2014

  • Commentary on Derek Green’s “Simplicity and Abstract Objects: A Note on the Epistemology of Meta- physics,” Virginia Tech Graduate Conference, Nov. 2012



  • Editor, “Vague Identity” sub-category, PhilPapers, Nov. 2019–Present
  • Referee, American Philosophical Quarterly
  • Presenter, Teaching Logic Workshop, Department of Philosophy, Ohio State Nov. 2019
  • Reviewer for proposal of The Norton Introduction to Philosophy of Religion, 1st Ed., 2018


Graduate Coursework


  • Metaphysics of Propositions

  • Metaphysics of Gender, Race, & Disability

  • Fictional Realism

  • Metaphysics of Space & Time

  • David Lewis (audit)


  • Non-Classical Logic
  • Modal Logic
  • Computability
  • Applications of Proof Theory

Science, Mind, & Language

  • Philosophy of Cognitive Science
  • Philosophy of Science
  • Philosophy of Mind
  • Natural Language Metaphysics


  • Kant’s First Critique
  • Wittgenstein
  • Frege
  • Free Will in Modern Philosophy

Value & Political Philosophy

  • Rawls
  • Consequentialism